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Daily Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Calendar[edit | edit source]

Armor Blitz has multiple in-game log in rewards that refresh on the daily. The daily timers reset at Midnight UTC time. There is a daily calendar that you can earn rewards from progressively getting better. On the 28th login, you will get a free random Tier 5 unit. [Insert pic of calendar here]

Daily Missions[edit | edit source]

Players can also accomplish daily missions to earn rewards. The daily missions also refresh at the same time as calendar. They are as follows:

Name Description Reward Amount
Conquest Fight 5 map battles. Oil Dependent on player level
Valor Obtain 10 emblems Currency 2000
Ingenuity Obtain 10 tanks Blueprints 25
Completion Complete all daily missions Cores 5

Factory Construction[edit | edit source]

Currently building a Tank Girl Cost 50 Oil, 250 Metal, and 1000 Gold.

You start out with one(1) slot open for building with another 4 slots able to unlock with Cores.  

Construction slot cost
Slot: Core Cost:
1 Free
2 100
3 300
4 900
5 2700

The time it takes to build a Tank Girl lets you know what rank it will be.

Rank and Time
Rank: Time:
1 star.png
1 Hour
2 stars.png
2.5 Hours
3 star.png
8   Hours
4 stars.png
24 Hours
5 star.png
48 Hours

Scouting[edit | edit source]

Scouting is Armor Blitz's semi-active resource gain mechanic. At the end of City 2 (Bengali) multiple features are unlocked, including Scouting. Scouting is a system that allows you to deploy reserve units to explore Factoria for resources. The unit takes damage while it's exploring and must be recalled to retrieve the rewards. More detail can be found on the Scouting page.